At DEE-BEE Printing (your Mooresville Printer) we have several printers. From a large Xerox Color Laser for high quality to a discount color printer for low cost color copies and a Rico for cheap 1 color copies. We also have a commercial inkjet color printer for those odd jobs that typically won’t run on the other printers.

High Speed Laser Color Copies

Color Copies

Our best color copies are printed on a Xerox color laser printer.  It offers outstanding color quality and has a finisher for stapling and booklet making.  For more information on our Color Copies go here.


discount or cheep color copies

Cheap Color Copies

Our discount color printer is a very large commercial inkjet color printer. It can print at very high speeds in color and on both sides of the paper. We use this printer a lot for low cheap color flyers, color note pads, posters etc. The cost is less than ½ of the cost of our color laser printer but you still get color copies.  For more information on our Cheap Color Copies go here.


Black and White Copies

All of our printers are capable of printing only with black ink or toner and at a reduced cost.  For more information on our Black and White Copies go here.